Guardian Plumbers are leak detection specialists. We utilize advanced leak detection devices and equipment to find the leak fast and get it repaired immediately. Our leak detection specialists have been trained in the most modern methods.

  • Water leaks
  • Leak detection
  • Slab Leaks
  • Underground Water Leaks
  • Thermal Water Leak Testing
  • Leaks under Post Tension Slabs

The objective is to ensure that the leak is precisely pinpointed the first time. Our long term experience at finding leaks makes us accurate at finding and fixing the leak.

A slab leak is a very common problem for homes. by definition, a slab leak is when water pipes underneath the concrete structure of a house also known as the "slab" develop a leak and continuously run into the ground. Eventually the ground will saturate and the water will find it's way up through the slab or out the side of the home. Slab leaks can cause serious damage to a home if it goes unrepaired in addition to costing the home owner a very high water bill. One of the worst things that can happen is when a slab leak starts to cause damage to the structure of the home, through flooring and walls. This can damage everything from flooring and carpet to drywall and even the structure itself.

Clues to potential water leaks

Wet flooring and mildew

If you notice mildew or have wet carpeting or flooring, you may have a slab leak in the pipe under the slab.

Sound of running water

A common symptom of a slab leak is the sound of running water in a specific area of your home or the entire home when no faucets, showers or sprinklers are running. Our specialty is Slab Leak Detection so we can get the leak repaired immediately.

Unusually high water bill

A sudden spike on your water bill is a obvious indication that there is a slab leak. When your water consumption is normal and your bill is high, call us for help. Other indicators of a high water bill is a pool leak or plumbing leaks.